RBG Global Featured in April Edition of Financial Times' FDI Intelligence

A simple Google search of “geopolitical trends” reveals endless commentaries about the end of neoliberalism, the changing social contract between governments and their constituencies, and the retreat of globalization. While geopolitical forecasts that focus on macro-issues will certainly impact all investors, the body politic needs a framework for understanding the specific ways in which regional, political and economic trajectories will affect their US operations.

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RBG Global's Cross Border Expert Testimony Featured on Law 360

With the increased popularity of enterprise risk management in multinational companies, executives are asking employees to redefine their roles. Robert Ginsburg, founder of RBG Global, explores how some of the most insidious cross-border risks fall through the cracks and decimate investments — and how lawyers and ERM can catch them before they manifest as losses. For access to the full article, here is a link: 


RBG Global’s Expert Advice in Financial Advisor Magazine

Financial Advisor is a monthly financial services magazine which delivers market information for financial advisors. The President of RBG Global was quoted for his expert assessment of the state of the economy in Mexico and the impact of Trump Presidency on US-Mexico relations. For a look at the article and Robert's quote, please use the following link: