ProColombia- the Colombian government’s agency that is responsible for promoting inbound and outbound foreign direct investment- (FDI) sought RBG Global’s services for understanding investment climates in prospective host countries from the perspectives of foreign investors.

Through strategy and training sessions, RBG Global explained the primary obstacles to foreign investment in emerging market countries (political and regulatory risks). The training focused on specific political risk perils that have decimated FDI projects in Latin America, the exposures that are most relevant to Colombia, and the universe options for managing them. The strategy session demonstrated ways in which host governments can incorporate political and regulatory risk management tools into their investment promotion frameworks.

RBG Global’s training provided ProColombia with a nuanced understanding of political and regulatory risk that separates the real scope of risk from the perceived ambit of risk. With the tools to narrow the risk exposure and tailor options for managing it, ProColombia has been able to assuage immediate concerns of potential investors and improve the investment framework in the medium term.