Results of a 2015 AT Kearney survey reveal that the global investors have more confidence in the US investment climate than any other country in the world. In order to maximize returns on their investments in the US, foreign companies need to understand the vast number and complexity of investment environments in the 50 states and their municipalities. In order to identify the optimal location, RBG performs nuanced assessments that highlight these differences and the ways in which they will impact the client’s project. Through a multistage process, RBG Global helps companies find the optimal location:  

  • Discovery process to learn about the company and its objectives 

  • Define project criteria and translate into location benchmarking factors   

  • Identify potential states and establish list of final states/cities

  • Select location based on careful assessment of the following indicators:

    • location of existing/potential clients, market research, tax burdens, logistics, 

    • availability of tax credits/incentives at state and local levels

    • logistics, workforce

Having identified the optimal location, RBG Global helps foreign investors lay the groundwork for a soft landing and a smooth launch. While the firm’s experienced attorneys will handle many of the legal responsibilities, RBG will connect clients with experienced and reputable professional service providers that help companies address their needs. These experts provide services in the following fields: 

  • Insurance Requirements 

  • Immigration

  • Financing options

  • Import/export rules and regulations

By taking the time to get the decision right the first time, foreign investors can avoid the expensive costs of relocation and ensure success for their projects. RBG Global helps companies select the ideal location and ensure a smooth launch of their projects.